One Christmas Wish decorative text logo on a starry sky outdoor field landscape background, with The Palace caravan, and a child on a horse flying through the sky above.One Christmas Wish decorative text logo on a starry sky outdoor field landscape background, with The Palace caravan, and a child on a horse flying through the sky above.One Christmas Wish decorative text logo on a starry sky outdoor field landscape background, with The Palace caravan, and a child on a horse flying through the sky above.

a festive audio adventure
for children 5+ and their families.

It’s the night before Christmas and you’re on your own. The neighbour who normally looks after you can’t come tonight, and the babysitter's asleep at her phone. Your flat's cold, and the stupid decorations are broken... and then something magic happens.

Adapted from Katherine Rundell's much loved book, One Christmas Wish is an audio adventure for children and their adults that puts you at the centre of the story.

You’re invited to step inside The Palace - Graphite and Diamond’s mobile venue - wearing wireless headphones and have your imagination brought to life through story, set design, lighting…and stage magic!

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How does the show work?

Arrive 10 minutes before your performance time and get ready in our Front of House blanket fort just outside The Palace. Your experience begins as soon as you arrive, where our performer will greet you and get you set for your audio adventure. You will be given a pair of wireless headphones to wear for the performance. You will be asked to take off your shoes and then walk along a nice dry carpet into The Palace. Once everyone’s inside, the adventure will begin! Our performer will greet you afterwards and provide creative materials to continue exploring the themes of the show.

I am D/deaf or hard of hearing, can I still join in?

Yes! We’d love you to. There will be a BSL performance of the experience available on a tablet for those who need it. Our Front of House staff can help you with this.

What age is One Christmas Wish suitable for?

Children aged 5+ and their families. It has been designed to hit learning outcomes for Key Stage 1, for children aged 5-7, but we’ve met four year olds who loved it too!

I am a teacher, what themes does the show touch on that I can explore with my class?

Through this experience your class will explore:
- Loneliness and friendship
- Resilience through difficult life transitions
- Multicultural neighbourhoods
- LGBTQ+ characters
- Persevering to help others

The experience will engage their:
- Imagination and world building
- Kinaesthetic learning
- Empathy and emotional literacy

Can I take my baby with an older sibling?

Yes, it’s fine to carry a baby in a sling. We don’t have space for pushchairs in The Palace.

Are the performances relaxed?

Yes! Audiences stand up and are free to move about as they please. The show is delivered via individual headphones, so aspects of the story may be missed if someone needed to remove their headphones a lot to speak. If you have any specific questions about the show please get in touch with our Tour Producer Ben -

Is The Palace wheelchair accessible?

We're incredibly sorry that we can't fit wheelchairs into The Palace due to the limited door width. It is our long-term aim to create a mobile venue with improved accessibility, including wheelchair access.

How long is the show?

One Christmas Wish is approx 35 minutes long, with 5-10 minutes to get into and out of The Palace.

Will I get wet? Will it be cold?

The show is in a covered waterproof area, so you won't get wet! The Palace does not have heating so should be treated as an outdoor performance - so you can keep your coat on. We find it warms up fast with children moving around doing the show!

How do I book?

Take a look at our interactive map above to find your preferred location. Or go straight to our bookings page to view all available tickets. You can also turn up at each venue and book a slot on the day - these will be on a first come, first served basis and shows will be run hourly. If you’re having any trouble with your booking, feel free to email our Tour Producer Ben -

Who has made One Christmas Wish?

One Christmas Wish has been created by Graphite and Diamond. It is based on the book by Katherine Rundell, adapted by Anna Wheatley. This winter tour has been made possible with funding from Arts Council England. Many incredible people have put a lot of time and effort into making the show - see our full list of cast, crew and creatives below.

I love The Palace! Can I make my own show in it?

We would love you to do that. We hire out The Palace on a dry hire basis, as a stage, bar, tiny venue or we can work with you to bring your creation to life with set building and artistic direction. Get in touch with to chat to us about your ideas.

one christmas wish was made possible thanks to...


Based on the book by Katherine Rundell
Adapted by Anna Wheatley
Performers by Adam Robertson, Sara Bahadouri and Remy Miller
Directed by Jo Tyabji
Sound design and music by Tim Bamber
Set Design by Emily Harwood
Lighting Design by Alex Fernandes


Creative Director | Jo Tyabji
Design and Build Director | Gary Holness
Producer | Katie Welford
Tour Producer | Benjamin Alborough
Set Builder | Benjamin Daly
Set Builder | Kiran Jones
Tour / Stage Manager | Adam Robertson
Front of House Performer | Kevin Emsden
Front of House Design | Constance Villemot
Website Designer / Developer | Jen Igiri
Social Media Officer | Georgie Dettmer

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